My recent post on small town syndrome, coupled with a current writing project (and my habit of using music to set the tone for most of my writing) led me to creating this Southern Gothic playlist.

Also, no, Barton Hollow by the Civil Wars isn’t included, because that fucking song is on every single Southern Gothic mix I found on 8tracks and if I hear it again I’m going to throw myself into traffic.

Hopefully these songs move you to do terrible things, hopefully you can smell the old bible pages and the bourbon. Shotguns. Hell hounds and Alligators and River Baptists. Dusty roads. When you dance with the devil, you wait for the song to end.

  1. Nick Cave & Warren Ellis  –  Martha’s Dream
  2.  Johnny Cash  –  Ain’t No Grave
  3.  Papa Mali  –  Sugarland
  4.  Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir  –  Rainstorms in my Knees
  5.  Portishead  –  SOS
  6.  Alison Krauss  –  Down to the River to Pray
  7.  Ane Brun  –  All My Tears
  8.  Lauren O’ Connel  –  House of the Rising Sun
  9.  Bon Iver & St. Vincent  –  Roslyn
  10.  Iron & Wine  –  Woman King
  11.  Mirel Wagner  –  Dream
  12.  Soap & Skin  –  Me and the Devil
  13.  Uncle Sinner  –  Old Rub Alcohol Blues
  14.  Norma Tanega  –  You’re Dead
  15.  Abigail Washburn and the Sparrow Quartet  –  Strange Things
  16.  Woodkid  –  Run Boy Run

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