“The blues is like a planet. It’s an enormous topic. You can’t ignore the impact that it has had and continues to have on the whole musical culture. It’s a tree that everyone is swinging from. Without it, I don’t know where I would be. It’s indelible and indispensable. “

~ Tom Waits


Jimi Hendrix once said; the blues is easy to play but hard to feel… It ain’t nothin’ but good men feeling bad, and if you can’t dig the blues – you’ve got a hole in your soul.

Everything comes out in Blues music. All universal feelings. Joy, Pain, Suffering, Struggle. It’s about men and women and heartbreak… These songs aren’t social statements,  they’re so much more… The true facts of life expressed through music and understanding.

The following playlist isn’t your normal blues, but instead songs with that bluesy influence, from all genres. The Rumblers and Swayers.

Rumblers and Swayers

  1. Dan Auerbach  –  I Want Some More
  2.  The Peach Kings  –  Thieves and Kings
  3.  Jamie N Commons  –  Rumble and Sway
  4.  Arctic Monkeys  –  Do I Wanna Know?
  5.  Aloe Blacc  –  Ticking Bomb
  6.  Blues Saraceno  –  Dogs of War
  7.  Jamie N Commons ft. X-Ambassadors  –  Jungle
  8.  The Brothers Bright  –  Awake O Sleeper
  9.  Marilyn Manson  –  Day 3
  10.  Haim  –  My Song 5
  11.  Hugo  –  99 Problems
  12.  The Black Keys  –  Gold on the Ceiling
  13.  7Horse  –  Meth Lab Zoso Sticker
  14.  Seasick Steve  –  You Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks
  15.  The Kills  –  Bitter Fruit
  16.  The Heavy  –  How Do You Like Me Now?




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