SHE SAID / HE SAID – Fantasies

In the 8th of May edition of THE TIMES, Paige Nick and I talk about cabana boys, naughty girls, cucks, weirdos, plushophiles, inventing new and depraved sexual fantasies while stuck in traffic... and getting freaky with a roll of saran wrap and a slinky... *ahem* SHE SAID/HE SAID FANTASIES – SHE SAYS: I’ve always had…Read more SHE SAID / HE SAID – Fantasies


Interview with DONOVAN SMITH

"This interview is not just a discourse between Jason Mykl Snyman and Donovan Smith, but it is also a surreal journey of the Magi (the interviewer, the interviewee and art, the core of the interview) into the intricacies of art and the artist, who paints fantasy scenes, myths and legends through three stages: the abstract, the…Read more Interview with DONOVAN SMITH