Interview with UMAR TURAKI

"It’s what drives them, whether you are speaking about dealing with temptation, or fighting a dark aspect of your nature and trying to rise above that, or trying to outlive your past, or having dreams that seem unachievable, or even being in love, or finding grace and peace at a point in your life that…Read more Interview with UMAR TURAKI


“Holding a Wolf by the Ears” – An interview with SESE YANE

"The illusion that we can understand each other is perhaps the most beautiful of all." Sese Yane   HOLDING A WOLF BY THE EARS - AN INTERVIEW WITH SESE YANE J: Sese, thank you so much for agreeing to this interview with me. I’ve been a huge fan ever since we shared some space in…Read more “Holding a Wolf by the Ears” – An interview with SESE YANE

Interview with JT LAWRENCE

"Jozi is like that person at the party with gold teeth and knuckle tattoos. He reeks of whiskey and expensive cologne, talks too much, and has perfected the accidental body brush." JT Lawrence The following interview, along with an excerpt from JT Lawrence's novel - The Underachieving Ovary - was first published by EXPOUND Literary…Read more Interview with JT LAWRENCE