Writing Desk


Small Town Blues – or – Things I Lost While Living – THE KALAHARI REVIEW (2017) Winner of the January 2017 Igby Prize for Non-Fiction


Very Short Stories:


Short Stories:

The Key to Clever Medicine – EXPOUND (2014)


What If You Slept? – “Terra Incognita” – SHORT STORY DAY AFRICA (2014)


What If You Slept? (Audio) – WORD PUNK (2015)


The Centennial Game –  Straylight Literary Magazine (2015)

Part ONEPart TWOPart THREEPart FOUR (Final)


Sweetheart, What Have We Done? – “Language” – JALADA (2015)


Red Fox – “The Dirty Issue” – EXPOUND (2015)


Where The Rivers Go – NEW CONTRAST – Issue 172 (2016)


Friday Night – THE KALAHARI REVIEW (2016)


Mastication (The Wendigo Children) – BLOODY PARCHMENT: BLUE HONEY AND THE VALLEY OF SHADOW (2017)


Saudade – HELIOS QUARTERLY (2017)

Part ONE – Volume 2 Issue 2 – “Redux and Progression”

Part TWO – Volume 2 Issue 3 – “First Contact & Conversions”


Apple Tree – THE EXAMINED LIFE JOURNAL – University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine (2017)


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