SHE SAID / HE SAID – Fantasies

In the 8th of May edition of THE TIMES, Paige Nick and I talk about cabana boys, naughty girls, cucks, weirdos, plushophiles, inventing new and depraved sexual fantasies while stuck in traffic... and getting freaky with a roll of saran wrap and a slinky... *ahem* SHE SAID/HE SAID FANTASIES – SHE SAYS: I’ve always had…Read more SHE SAID / HE SAID – Fantasies

“Mastication (The Wendigo Children)”

  Outside, the snow enveloped the timberline and buzzards froze upon their perches, waiting. The survivors of the crash had been trapped in the cabin for so long now; the unforgiving ice had packed itself up against every exit, barricading the doors and windows. The wooden beams of the cabin creaked continuously beneath the weight…Read more “Mastication (The Wendigo Children)”


"From our ancestors’ first forays through the continent, to the contemporary diaspora spread around the world, people are eternally moving in, out and about the African continent. Not everyone leaves of their own volition, and not everyone comes with the best intentions: nevertheless, the story of Africa is the story of souls migrating, settling, unsettling,…Read more MIGRATIONS